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Drag & drop

Upload your website by simply dragging & dropping your website into Hostful.

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High security

We provide your website full security through SSL certificates, fully free of cost.

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Your own storage

Manage your own website files & assets in Hostful’s all-in-one platform. (coming soon)

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Custom domains

Stay in brand by connecting your own domains to Hostful, it’s super simple.

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PDF hosting

Perfect for sharing any type of PDF document: e-books, menus, forms, presentations, etc. options are endless.

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24/7 Support

We care about you, please send us a message at for any questions.

Questions & Answers

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Which types of websites can I host?

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You can upload any type of static website composed of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and any library. These include React, Angular, Vue, WebFlow, plain HTML, and much more.

What type of file do I have to upload?

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Depending on what type of website you want to publish, you can either upload a plain index.html file, or if you want to include CSS, JavaScript, images, etc. you can create a .ZIP file, and place all files inside. Note: you need to have an index.html inside at the root level (not in a subfolder).

Can I host e-commerce websites?

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We do not support CMS e-commerce websites such as WordPress, but we do support static e-commerces.

What's included in the free plan?

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Hostful allows you to have 1 website at the time. If you want to upload another website, using the same, or different website name, simply delete your old one, and reupload again.

How can I host more than 1 website at a time?

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For more additional perks such as being able to host more than 1 website, you can purchase any of our premium plans at

I want to download my website from some time ago

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You're in luck! Hostful provides website versioning, which means you can view, and download each and every version of your website. This means everytime you upload, or update a website, we will save that for you in case you want to access it again.

How does the 7 day money back guarantee work?

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Many of our customers are enjoying premium Hostful, however if you believe the plan you bought does not meet your requirements, or wish to downgrade, simply reach to our support team, and we'll be more than happy to give you a full refund.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

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You can easily cancel your subscription whenever you want in your profile settings. We handle payments through Stripe, trusted global payments processor around the world.

What happens after cancelling my subscription?

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No need to worry as your websites & domains will remain visible & live. At the end of your billing period, you will no longer be charged, and we will delete your websites, as well as domains from our servers.

My payment failed, what should I do?

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Do not worry, if your payment fails, firstly go to your billing portal by clicking on "Manage billing" in your dashboard, and verify that your card is valid, and not expired. We will also proceed to retry the payment 3 times for you during the week after your billing date was due. However, if after those 3 retries, the payment is still failing, we will terminate your subscription.

Upgrading my plan

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Many of our users progressively upgrade their plans for more features. You can easily do it too by simply going to the pricing page, and selecting a higher plan. You will immediately acquire the new selected plan. At the end of your billing date, you will be charged the new price + the small difference from when you upgraded the plan, and the billing date.

Downgrading my plan

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If you feel you are not using all provided features, feel free to downgrade your plan. You will keep your current plan until the end of the billing date. If the plan is a lower paid plan, we will charge you monthly the price of the new downgraded plan, and if you downgrade to the free one, you will not be charged. Important note, when downgrading: your amount of websites must match the maximum provided by the downgraded plan (delete them manually yourself). Please contact us at for any questions.